When Tooth Extraction Has To Be Done

Generally speaking, registered and practicing dentists and orthodontists will be carrying out two tooth extraction procedures. The first tooth extraction windsor procedure is actually a simple one. The second procedure is surgical and is naturally quite a bit more complex. The simple extraction is done only if the affected tooth can be seen in the mouth. In this case, the dentist will be loosening the tooth with an elevator.

Thereafter, he will use forceps to remove the tooth. The surgical extraction needs to be done when the tooth has broken off at the gum line or has not erupted inside of the mouth. The oral surgeon makes a small incision into the gum before surgically removing that broken tooth. Those readers with phobias of these necessary procedures need to relax now. Here is why. No less than three anesthetic procedures will be applied before any surgical work is done.

And that means no pain whatsoever. About the most you are going to feel are sensations of numbness. And when the actual affected tooth is being pulled, you will feel a tugging sensation. It will feel weird and that’s about all that you need to fear about the tooth extraction procedures. Apart from a tooth breaking, the affected tooth may also need to be removed if it has decayed. But it would have had to decay quite severely before the dentist considers the tooth extraction as a last option.

tooth extraction windsor

But in the meantime, it is still quite possible to rescue a decayed tooth. If tooth decay is not that severe, the dentist can repair it with a filling or a crown. Tooth extractions are also considered when there are growth abnormalities as well as preparing the patient’s oral area for replacing tooth implants.