How to Prevent Tick Infestations on Your Property

Ticks are a very real problem and they can cause you significant headaches if they get onto your property. It is even more the case if you have kids, as you would be worried about them getting bit and potentially getting Lyme disease. If you are serious about keeping everyone in your family safe, there are tick control steps you can take to keep the problem at bay.

We should start by saying if you are already noticing bites on your person, it is too late to try these methods alone. They will help in the long run, but you will have to get in touch with a professional that specializes in residential tick control bee cave. When the ticks are already inside your house or around the lawn, you need a pro to come in and spray the area to kill them.

But if you are not at that stage, preventive measures will help a lot. One recommendation is to avoid mulching grass clippings when you are mowing your lawn. It has long been recommended to leave such clippings and leaves to nourish your lawn.

residential tick control bee cave

While that is helpful to the lawn, it also encourages ticks to come into the space, as it is a nice environment for them to thrive. Get rid of the grass clippings and leaves, ensuring your lawn is tidy. Also trim your grass so it is roughly 3 inches at most times.

If you have any patches of very tall grass or weeds, ensure you are trimming them as well. Ticks have a habit of climbing these taller blades and then trying to get onto animals. If you have a dog or cat that roams the yard, it is a surefire way for the tick to get on that animal.

Finally, you should create a boundary of mulch around your yard. Think of it as a protective barrier that will keep the ticks away from your yard, and hopefully in other areas of the neighborhood instead.